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iPhone, iPod & iPad Repairs


Don’t void your warranty, have your iPhone, iPod or iPad repaired by an Apple Premium Service Provider.

At Computer Depot we don’t charge to assess your repair and you don’t need to make an appointment to bring your device in.

IPhone repairs

If you have an iPhone that requires service, please be aware that your iPhone is sent to the Apple Repair Centre in Sydney. A part of the repair procedure involves clearing your data from your device so that the device can be effectively tested once the repair is complete. It is recommended that your device should be backed up before bringing it to us.

If you are unsure how to back up your device, the following link will assist with options for backing up your device

If your iPhone needs to be sent to the Apple Repair Centre in Sydney, the repair time is usually 3-5 business days.

iPhones which only require software updates or software troubleshooting usually don’t need to be sent to the Apple Repair Centre in Sydney and can be serviced at our location.

IPad & iPod repairs

If your iPad or iPod are physically damaged, the repair procedure for your device is to replace the unit rather than repair. The repair cost is at substantial discount when compared to the price of a new device. In this case the turnaround time is usually 1-2 business days. Software issues can be resolved locally at our store.



Computer Depot is an Authorised Premium Service Provider for all your Apple Products regardless of where you purchased them. Our staff are the friendliest, fastest, Apple Certified Technicians who will perform repairs and upgrades to your hardware, whether it is covered by AppleCare or is out of warranty.